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Nail Treatments

Marta is a master educator working with Nail Harmony Gelish and GSGroup UK. Trained to the highest standards she delivers nails / lashes and brow training courses to students from all over the North East of England.  


Gelish soak off polish 

(manicure or pedicure)

Gelish is a true gel in a bottle. Cures under LED lamp in just 30 seconds. Removes safely in less than 10 minutes with no damage to your natural nails.

ProHesion acrylics

Liquid and powder system. Long lasting, beautiful nail enhacement system. Can also be used as an overlay to strengthen your natural nails.


Stronger than hard gels but more flexible than acrylic. No unpleasant smell during treatment.



Perfect - faster extensions that are strong and durable.

Brow and Lash Treatments

Aesthetic Treatments

Choose from simple tint and wax, HD brows, Henna or Fluffy brows or go for the ultimate perfect brow treatment = microblading and digital semipermanent brows. Marta is Nouveau and KB Pro trained Permanent make up artist with more than 5 years experience.


MyBrows - high definition eyebrows

Precision treatment including mapping, tinting, threading, waxing and tweezing your eyebrows into a perfect shape.

Couture Henna 

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. Combined with high definition shaping, this treatment gives you fuller looking brows.

Fluffy brows/Brow lamination

This technique helps to correct asymetrical eyebrows, give volume for fuller looking brows while solving the problem of hairs growing in different directions. Full treatment includes tint.

Microblading - Digital Hairstrokes - Combination - Powder effect brows

Ultimate remake for your brows. No more penciling and unhappy brow times.


Individual lash extensions - treatment where each natural lash gets extended with one soft synthetic eyelash.

Russian Volume lashes- super soft fan of synthetic lashes is applied to every single natural lash to give ultra volume.

Holiday/Express lashes

Same as individual lash treatments but only approx 60% lashes are extended.

Cluster Express Volume

Prebonded clusters of synthetic lashes are applied to your lashes.

Lash lift

No 1 alternative to lash extensions this treatment gives you the look of longer, curlier, lifted and tinted lashes.

MD Dermaplaning

A manual exfoliation cosmetic procedure that gently abrades the top layers of the skin using a surgical blade. This treatment stimulates collagen and creates a healthy glow and radiant complexion.

Million Dollar Treatment

Removes 3-4 weeks worth of dead skin cells in one session. Helps to eliminate puffiness around the eyes, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen production, increase hydration levels with hyaluronic acid. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer.

MD Hydrate Superfacial - A powerful, high concentration hayluronic acid. The active serum will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst promoting and even skin tone.

Glow Superfacial - MD Glow Vit C serum-10 is a powerful antioxidant containing L-ascorbic acid which helps to clear free radicals caused by ageing, lifestyle and pollution. Your skin will have improved blood flow, preserving collagen and look more radiant and youthfull.

Million Dollar Miracle Mask

Designed to work miracles in one session. Leaving skin tighter, firmer and brighter. This mask will give you that red carpet look 72 hours before any big event!

Diamond Microdermabrasion

A wand tipped with hundreds of tiny diamonds gently removes layers of dead skin cells from the face and body. Elastin and collagen fibres are also stimulated by a controlled suction, resulting in visibly clearer, brighter, flawless, firmer skin.


Wrinkle and Filler


Wrinkle aesthetics 

Forehead, frown and crows feet.


Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are soft hypoallergenic gels expertly injected to give volume to lips, cheeks and other areas of the face and to create a youthful appearance.

We are expertly trained to treat your lips,

Nose to mouth lines / Nasolabial lines

Mouth to chin lines / Marionette lines

Cheek shaping

Semipermanent cosmetics

Lip Blush

Restore lip outline and inject a hue of colour into your lips.

Eyeliners and Lash enhancement

Add extra definition to your eyes with a more natural lash enhancement treatment or if you prefer a more dramatic look opt for baby eyeliner.